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Down & Low

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Hello again from Jordan Sarah Weatherhead. I'll be honest, I'm feeling down & low today. It's just been a shit day and a headache is the rotten cherry on top of it all. It's sunny outside but it's freezing temperatures which makes for the worst kind of contrast. All I can keep thinking of though, is that there are thousands, possibly millions of people right now with far worse problems than mine. Mine rank about a 2 compared to other's misery today. There are people in abusive relationships, people who can't afford their next meal, military families struggling, cancer patients getting chemo....and I'm complaining about what? Small inconveniences that put a damper on my mood? Well, I'll just take some Tylenol and shut the fuck up about it. It really isn't that bad. I complain a lot; that's a fault I really need to work on but I always eventually come to the conclusion that I need to stop bitching and start being thankful. Thankful for YOU who read this and the customers who order and the fans who support my company. I am blessed beyond belief and even though my day sucks, it is you who make me feel better. I'll just end this post by saying thank you for believing in this company; it could be a hell of a lot worse.  

Welcome Message from the Owner

Hey customers, fans, browsers, and creepers! I am so excited to have a NEW LOOK to FUCK THAT GIRLY SHIT! As you know, I am Jordan Sarah Weatherhead and I am the founder and owner of FTGS. Our new site is making me so stoked to add our new FUCK THAT GIRLY SHIT products. We're in the [...]

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