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About FTGS

Fuck That Girly Shit (FTGS) was founded by owner Jordan Sarah Weatherhead (Vittitow) in 2012 for women of her unique nature. We believe women don't need to dress up in pink lace and white virgin clothing to look beautiful. Being badass and edgy is a beauty all it's own.

Be a STRONG WOMAN. Be empowered by the fact that NO ONE else is like you. Be INDEPENDENT. Be CONFIDENT. Be a woman that others look up to...and then HELP THEM be THEIR best. Don't be jealous. Don't be petty or naïve. Know what you're worth. Don't let ANYONE walk all over you. Don't be a doormat; but know what battles to fight in and which ones to leave behind. Know when to walk away. Know when to sit down and let the drama pass; then know when to STAND UP, TAKE CHARGE, & FIGHT for what you believe in; what is RIGHT.

Be a WOMAN. Make that a GOOD THING. Be OK with not being perfect. Strive to be your best but realize there are some things you cannot change. Tell yourself you're beautiful, brave, and badass. Don't keep people in your life that don't nourish the good. Kick the people out who bring out the bad. Get rid of the poison. Ditch the toxic friends. Find a MAN not a boy. It's okay to be alone. It's ok to be in a relationship; but still be YOU. Don't be half of yourself to be with someone else. Don't let others diminish your worth.

Wear what you want. Say what you want. BE WHO YOU WANT. Be a WOMAN; not a girl. – Jordan Sarah Weatherhead; Owner of shopftgs.com and author of "Naked Truth" 

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